Sunday, 19 January 2014

Exhibition at the Art Stable
Here at Goldhill Organic Farm
Saturday 25th January 11am-4pm
Lunches, Teas and Coffee and Cake
Available in the farm café.
Free Parking
We look forward to welcoming you.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Blow A Bauble & Late Night Shopping



Come along and join us at the Farm and make your own baubles in Emsie Sharp's studio, and visit Rachel Sargent's studio to see her beautiful range of cards and linoprints of local locations.  After you've exhausted yourself with all of the activities going on, pop in for a nibble of some delicious festive treats, or enjoy some coffee and cake in the café.  We all look forward to seeing you soon.




Wednesday, 9 October 2013

As predicted on our Apple Day last Sunday, the weather was beautiful and we had a huge turn-out of people bringing their bags, wheelbarrows, boxes, crates and even prams brimming with their apples ready for juicing.
The process is sticky, messy and time consuming, but everyone there agreed it was all worth it as the outcome is so delicious, and there is nothing like being able to drink the juice of your own apples.
People brought their own bottles and there was an exciting and interesting collection ranging from old milk cartons to elegant wine bottles, these below are our particular favourites, and look at the wonderful colour of the juice.

As we knew the process of juicing takes a long time, we were delighted that our neighbours here at Goldhill were all open to show visitors what they do in their workshops. Emsie Sharp, was teaching people how to blow their own glass baubles in her steaming hot unit in the Cowshed and Rachel Sargent who is an artist here and holds regular workshops, was working with children on apple printing.
We juiced over 250 bottles and people went away feeling deeply satisfied.  We will be doing the same next year, see you then!!


Sunday, 15 September 2013

We have fixed a date for our very popular Apple Day.  Once again we are anticipating a great sticky messy day along with some activities too, Sara will be taking her now famous Farm Walk  at 11am  giving a guided tour of the farm and all its workings.  It is also an opportunity for you to browse around the Art Stable Gallery, see the work of Emsie Sharp our resident glass blower and Rachel Sargent the talented artist.  We have also arranged for some delicious tastings with some of the lines we stock here.  There will be refreshments available too, so you can really make a day, morning or afternoon of it.
Bring your apples and bottles (we use our recycled plastic milk bottles) and together we will press them, so you will see the whole process from beginning to end.   There will be a small charge of  £1 per bottle pressed.  We hope to see you on October 6thth to join in the fun and make the most of your apples.
Bring your own HANDPICKED apples

Don’t leave them to rot under the tree



Juicing Demonstration                                                      
Farm Walks  11am                                              


                                                   Parking and entry free.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Happy Smiley People

Here we are happy and smiling, and we hope it is infectious as we always have something to smile about.  We were lucky enough this week to host a wonderful Farm Walk with the Soil Association.  We were joined by a group of people hugely interested in the workings of the farm. For many of our customers the smiling faces above (not including Mrs Telford) are what they see here on a daily basis, and although they know we are growing our vegetables just outside the back door on the plot, they don't venture out there that often, and frankly who can blame them with all that mud and rain.

We are always happy for people to walk around the plot, look at what we are up to, and see what we are growing, sowing, harvesting and ask questions, so although hosting a formal farm walk is fun and interesting we do encourage anyone to have a walk around and enjoy fully what we are doing here, just simply providing the best organic vegetables available anywhere in this area.

For those who prefer the more organised tour, we will be hosting another Farm Walk here on June 8th at 11am, no need to book or anything formal like that, just turn up and we would be happy for a donation to one of the charities we support here.

More exciting news next week.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Soil Association Farm Walk



Farm Walk: Gold Hill Organic Farm

18 April 2013 16:30 - 18 April 2013 19:30

In association with the Soil Association we will be holding a Farm Walk here on our 60 acre farm. Established 25yrs ago from 1 acres of veg and 1 polytunnel to 10 acres veg and 9 polytunnels. Wide range of veg first sold through co-op, box scheme, very basic farm shop open weekends only.  With an emphasis on growing the business organically (not just the veg) and always being inovative but keeping it managable and profitable. Never relying on one market sector in a small business. Always having an acre of raised beds and tunnels so that whatever the weather something can be planted and harvested. It is a low input business.  We look forward to welcoming you here.

Attendance is free but advanced booking is absolutely essential. We will send out directions prior to the walk.

Please contact the the link below to book your place

Monday, 25 February 2013

Green Nutrition

Getting to know what they are cooking at eating

We thought it would be a great idea to hold a cookery workshop for children here at Goldhill.  We were contacted by Diana at Green Nutrition who runs courses and workshops on a regular basis and we liked her approach.  The children get out and pick their own vegetables, prepare them and cook them making delicious meals.  On the day they came last week, it all began with some outstanding vegetable spring rolls, naturally we had to sample one or two and the kids loved the whole process and were free to choose their vegetables, and then chop away, using tools and equipment they may have seen in their kitchens at home, but never used.

Preparing the ingredients
This was followed by a Partridge stew which had a sweet flavour, working well with the partridge. As you can see the children were fully aware of what it was they were cooking, preparing the birds from start to finish themselves. The stew was served with egg fried rice, and again we felt the need to sample the meal, I admit I had to go back for more.

Tucking in.
They all had a fantastic day, and we hope to be holding more events here in the future, we thought perhaps some outdoor cooking would thrill the children, so fingers crossed for some decent weather.
If you'd like more details, you can contact Diana direct on